Three Pears

Three Pears are an international wholesale distribution company that cover a range of sectors including toiletries, household goods, pharmaceuticals, fragrances and cosmetics.

They have an impressive brand portfolio which includes Playboy condoms, a skincare range showcasing Cyclax, Moistura, Nailoid, Natural Classic and Classicure plus a fragrance range that includes the brands Le Jardin, Blue Stratos, Mandate and Rapport. As well as other brands such as Harmony, Stergene, Amplex, Ingram and Leichner


What we did

Modus creates all the designs for the packaging of these product lines.  This is a very detailed process that demands millimetre precision in the use of materials so that the products are packaged in the right way.  The information on the packaging needs to be 100% accurate in terms of ingredients and instructions. Plus the packaging has to look fantastic so that customers take the products off the shelves in the shops and buy them.  This all takes time and skill to ensure that every facet is right.  Modus create product packaging design for regular products, gift sets and product displays.

How it worked

In addition to product packaging, Modus create exhibition stands for trade shows.  These stands are big and designed to impress.  Every detail is considered to make sure that each product range is showcased pristinely to attract buyers.  This is where innovative design comes in as everything has to be considered – how the products are viewed from different angles and how many people can be on the stand at the same time.  In addition, visitors need a visual experience that often involves video and tablet product demonstrations.

Modus also create websites for the product ranges.  This really brings the products to life with beautiful images, quality content and a professional finish to impress trade buyers.

Three Pears are absolutely delighted with the ongoing dedication of the Modus team and our commitment to them as a client to produce nothing less than the absolute best.

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