Breathe Happy

Modus is the full-service marketing agency for Breathe Happy. Breathe Happy adapted quickly to Covid-19 by creating a filtration reusable facemask. Breathe Happy retail masks internationally. In order for Breathe Happy masks to reach the people that needed the protection most we managed all of their marketing.

What we did

The brief for Modus was to build a website and to market the Breathe Happy mask via a number of campaigns. With regular contact with the Breathe Happy sales team we planned a number of campaigns and content to regularly be published on their platforms. On a monthly basis we manage Breathe Happy social media, email campaigns, press releases and PR opportunities and complete regular website updates and amends to keep the site updated and visitors aware of new products and offers. In addition, we support Breathe Happy with non-digital marketing materials such as, business cards, brochures, presentation material, posters and flyers.

How it worked

The success of this campaign is down to excellent communication and relationship management.  Modus and Breathe Happy organise regular meetings to discuss strategy and planning to include the whole of the Modus team. We then also need to respond promptly with PR and social media to any relevant items in the news or responses to any changes in legislation or working practices. We regularly kept Breathe Happy up to date with our plan and strategy.

Future Work

We continue to work with Breathe Happy providing the with design work and print based products such as business cards and flyers.

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