The Morgan Motor Company is an iconic British Brand. They have been hand crafting these stunning cars from their Malvern based factory since 1909. Producing over 850 cars each year, there is permanently a waiting list for such beauty. All cars produced by Morgan are completley bespoke, assembled by hand and works around the owner’s precise specification.

Taking this bespoke element, Morgan Motor Company approached Modus° to work on a rather unusual project.

What We Did

Due to the fact that each car is uniquely assembled, Morgan Motor Company wanted to produce a phot book for the owners. Each book is to a very high specification with beautiful and individual pictures that tell the story of the owner’s car being built. At Modus° it was our job to work with the Book Publishers to work out a way for each book to be bound in the same leather used for the interior of the car and for the front cover to be embossed with the Morgan logo. So, essentially this was a research project on behalf of Morgan Motor Company.

How It Worked

There is a choice of 30 different colours for the interior leather of a Morgan. At Modus° we wanted to find a way that this could be individualised for book covers, and this is a very specialist area. There are only a handful of UK based suppliers that can handle such a project. We also wanted to find a supplier that had the same handcrafted ethos to be able to produce the bound book in precisely the way that Morgan wanted to present it to the owner.

We were very fortunate to locate a supplier in the North East who were very helpful and supplied a couple of prototypes.  The leather had to be thin enough to form a cover but thick enough to emboss. Once we had located the specialist we were able to put together some examples for Morgan’s consideration.

We were delighted to be a part of this completley bespoke process for Morgan Motor Company who now know they can call on the expertise at Modus° to support them with any initiative.